About Us

Hello everyone!

Zoey - "A Nubar Affair" -  1999-2019
Sunova Eq-K9 was originally founded as Sunova Eqine in 2017, with the purpose of education and promoting equine health. This passion for health and wellness led to the discovery that we love educating others – sparking the beginning of Sunova Eq-K9!

As the founder of Sunova Eq-K9, I knew I always wanted to share my love of animals with the world. My heart horse Zoey is who truly inspired this mission and led me to want to change the world one step at a time.
Zoey – “A Nubar Affair” – 1999-2019

My horse Bailey is who guided me towards my passion for equine behavior, personality, and biomechanics. Tequila and Mojito – my 2 rescue pups – are who inspired me to take my love of dogs one step further, and help educate other dog owners and dog lovers on how to handle an emergency!

As animal lovers and owners, we are the best, and biggest advocates for our 4-legged friends.
It is up to us to ensure we are prepared to help them when they need it.

Through whatever level of understanding and knowledge you are looking to gain – I am here to help you do the best for your animals!

Our goal with Sunova Eq-K9 has always been about promoting health, healing and education – for both humans and animals.

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