Equestrian Riding Fitness Bootcamp

Rider health and fitness is just as important as equine health and fitness.

Our fitness and mobility has a direct impact on our equitation, and ability to effectively communicate with our horses, as well as how confident we feel on their backs!

While not everyone has the time or resources to fit in a formal workout at home or at the gym – we can still improve our health and fitness while we ride!

The Equestrian Fitness Bootcamp is an exciting and fun mounted lesson that will show you how to improve your fitness while you are riding, and provide you with the tools to connect better with your equine after a ride.

$50 per 1-Hour Lesson

$35 per Rider for 1-Hour Lesson (Minimum 3 Riders)

Lesson Components

  • Working Warm-Up! Learn dynamic stretches and riding skills to help warm-up targeted muscle groups, and get our blood flowing at the beginning of your ride.
  • Let’s Get to Work! A lesson designed to work your muscles, improve your balance, and promote mobility.
  • Cool Down! A walk-through of mounted static stretches you can do to at the end of your ride to help relax our working muscles, improve range of motion, and decrease muscle stiffness after riding.
  • Mindfulness and Wellness! Every ride deserves an opportunity to be mindful with your equine. Learn reflection and connection skills and methods through a guided mounted mindfulness session as the end of our Fitness Bootcamp!
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