Equine Personality Assessment

Each horse has such a unique and individual personality.

Their special individual personalities are what we love most about them.

But did you know that equine personality plays an essential role in your horses temperament, ability to learn, work, and interact with humans? Even more important, equine personality also plays a key role in how humans perceive their safety with horses!


Understanding personality and how it influences your horse’s behavior can not only help us predict their suitability for specific disciplines and work, but it can also help guide their training program to help their individual success!


In this individual assessment, we will help determine your horses individual personality dimensions.
From there, you will be provided with a formal report outlining what these personality dimensions mean for your equine, and how you can help them be successful in the future!

Assessments done in-person with you and your horse

Assessments done virtually, with guidance through the entire process

Assessment Components

  • Pre-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Personality Assessment – In-person or Virtual available!
  • Personality report provided, outlining how these traits may influence your equine
  • How to design your training program to help your horse be successful
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