Canine First Aid

Are you prepared for a medical emergency for your canine companion?

Dogs are often the center our homes and families. Because of this, their health and care is important to all of us.

However, we know accidents and emergencies happen when we least expect them.


Are you prepared to handle it?


Our canine first aid courses give you the tools and skills to confidently know how to both prevent and manage a canine medical emergency. From basic bandaging, general health care information, identifying poisonous and toxic foods\plants in our households, pet CPR, to even discussing canine body language and behavior.

Learn how to be a confident dog owner, no matter your current skill or knowledge level!

Our canine first aid courses are also eligible for continuing education credits for the IAABC.

Partial online, full online, and full in-person course delivery options available!

One-on-One courses are also available – dependent on location!

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