Equestrian Gait Connection

Our relationship with our horses is dependent on communication.

While we all know there is communication pertaining to training and handling of our horses, there is also a special type of communication made between horse and rider under saddle.
Each horse has a unique, individual gait that is specific to them. These unique movements directly influence our equitation, mobility, and even our physical fitness, in a way that is special to that specific horse.  Even more important is how our horse‚Äôs individual gait and conformation impacts their own fitness and ability to move.

The Gait Connection Workshop is designed to help you understand how your body uniquely interacts with your horse, and how you can not only improve rider and horse strength, but also improve your physical biomechanical relationship with your equine.

This assessment involves an integrated approach that includes consideration of individual fitness and mobility of both rider and horse, unmounted and mounted gait assessments, a conformation evaluation, and a discussion of goal objectives so you are provided with a quality, individual program that is tailored to you and your horse.

$80 for Initial Assessment
$60 per Subsequent Lessons

$60 per Rider per Lesson
Minimum of 2 Riders

Assessment Components

  • Discussion of Goals and Objectives for Horse and Rider
  • Personal Assessment Questionnaire
  • Conformation assessment
  • Unmounted gait assessment
  • Mounted assessment
  • Workshop & Individual Program Development
  • Personalized Program Plan provided post-assessment/lesson
  • Opportunity for subsequent lessons to continue skill building and development
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